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Under the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes CISA, the "RFP Small & Mid Caps Switzerland", the "RFP SPECIAL EUROPE " and the " RFP Swiss Equity Equal-Weighted " funds figure in the category "Securities Funds" whereas the "Arnica European Opportunity Fund" belongs to the "other funds for traditional investments". The attention of investors is explicitly drawn to the risks described in the latest fund documents (particularly the prospectus and the Key Investor Information Document/KIID). Investors need to be prepared and in a financial position to accept - even substantial - price losses. Past or current performance is not an indication or guarantee of future performance. In case of investments for which there is not a recognized market, it may be difficult for investors to sell their investment or to obtain reliable information about its value or the extent of the risks to which it is exposed. Under certain conditions, collective investment schemes may suspend the redemption of their shares or units and they should be considered as a medium to long term investments. Some of the collective investment schemes and other financial products discussed on the website may use complex investment instruments, leverage and/or follow complex or speculative trading strategies that might result in high risks for investors.

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